Friday, May 6, 2011

On my way to forming a habit

So I've made it to day 6 of the Blogathon, and I've managed to post every day.  My intent in doing this was to get back in the habit of writing every day, whether blog related or not. 

I read someplace that it takes 21 days to form a habit, so I'm about 1/3 of the way there.  Yay, me!

There's updated information over at Li Loves David, if you are interested in gluten-free goodness.

Otherwise, I'm about ready to finalize a piece of spec writing that I'm planning to submit to a potential client, in the hopes of getting them to pay me to write more. 

In case you're not familiar with the term (and I wasn't until a couple of months ago), writing "on spec" means you write a sample for someone, to demonstrate what you can do.  Beginning writers often do a lot of this, as a way to get their names and abilities out there.  The theory is that the potential client will either (A) like it so much they will hire you on the spot, or (B) like it, decide it's not what they are looking for, but keep you in mind the next time they need a copywriter, which hopefully will be soon.

I'm hoping for (A).  We'll see.

I also have two sticks of butter softening on the kitchen counter right now.  They will soon become some gluten-free shortbread.  I don't think I've ever posted that recipe on Li Loves David, so if you're interested, you may want to watch that space soon.

Here's to the weekend!

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