Sunday, May 1, 2011

May Day

Day one of the WordCount Blogathon. So far, so good.

You may have noticed that Simply Nooner has changed a little bit. I was trying to focus on my efforts to maintain a simple, ecologically sound existence in today’s world. But I realized that to protect the earth, mostly I don’t do stuff.

I don’t buy foods with artificial ingredients. I don’t buy things with excessive packaging. I don’t buy a lot period, and much of what I do buy is used. I don’t over-water my lawn. And so on (you get the picture). Which may be helpful to the world, but isn’t that interesting to write about.

So starting today, Simply Nooner is going to be more about things that I really want to share.  Most of this will be on the topics of writing, running, and living gluten free. Plus anything else I feel like writing about. This month will have a lot about writing in particular, since I’m getting ready to launch my freelance writing career. (Wow, I said it out loud. Scary!) There should be at least a few posts about websites, writing on spec, and how the hell does this whole freelance thing work, anyhow?

Welcome to the new (and improved) Simply Nooner. I hope you enjoy it - I know I will!

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