Friday, May 13, 2011

...a blessing and a curse...

Isn’t the Inter-Web cool?

My hubby and I were commenting on that the other day. Actually, we comment on that nearly every day.

You see, we are old enough to have been adults (barely!) before the inter-webs were around. We even remember the days before email. (Gasp!)

Not post-its, though. We’re not that old....

Anyhow, we are blessed to be old enough to know what “the good old days” of pre-technology were like, and young enough to be able to learn the new things coming out and enjoy them.

Not that I don’t have my luddite moments. Just ask me how long it took to decide to get an MP3 player.

But for the most part, this technology thing is pretty neat.

Which makes it all the more inconvenient when something does go wrong.

Yesterday an online service that I use all the time went down. Did I mention I use it all the time?

Oh, ye gods, you would have thought someone tried to take away my chocolate. Yes, it was that bad.

Up until that point, my mood had been really good. I had gotten a lot done during the day, and was feeling pretty productive. And I was productive still, even after I realized I couldn’t perform this one little online task.

And you know what? It pretty much ruined my whole day. How crazy is that?

One little task only got partially done. Nothing bad came out of it – no one was hurt, no one lost their job, no property was damaged or animals harmed.

No, only one little thing that I had intended to cross off my list didn’t get done.

There’s definitely a lesson in this for me. I need to relax and remember that not everything on my “to do” list is of equal importance. Or even needs to be done at all, as the case may be.

So it’s time for some deep breathing, and a reprioritization of my list. From now on, only things that ABSOLUTELY, POSITIVELY, HAVE TO BE DONE are going to make it onto my “to do” list.

Everything else goes onto the “when I get around to it” list.

And life will be much smoother. I can feel it already.

By the way, now everything is back up and running again. Well, mostly. And in spite of the bumps, I’m back to marveling at technology and how wonderful it is.

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