Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The worst is over, I think

It's a dreary day today in south Florida, but my dark clouds have a silver lining - my hamstring is definitely on the mend. 

In case you remember last week's post, I was going to try to run last Sunday.  This would have been my first run in two weeks.  I say "would have been" because, you guessed it, it didn't happen. 

I woke up Saturday morning with a definite soreness in my hammy.  It has been coming and going a lot since I finally decided to lay off of it, but that morning it was definitely here.  I made the difficult decision to bag any exercise over the weekend, including a much needed and anticipated walk.  Oh, how I miss walking!  But I didn't do it.

Actually, I fudged there a bit.  I didn't go out for an organized walk.  I did, however, go visit a couple of furniture stores (we need a patio table and chairs).  Okay, I think there were 4 total stops.  There was much sitting going on (gotta test those chairs), as well as wandering around showroom floors, and walking to and from the car to the stores.  Not what you call a great amount of exercise...but it added up. 

By the end of the afternoon my hamstring was burning.  It felt so weird!  It also reminded me that this whole healing thing is a long process.  Since then, I've planted my tushy back down on the couch, and have continued to take it easy.

And it's finally paying off.  Since Saturday, it has gotten progressively better, to the point that I only notice some tightness when lifting heavy things (using my legs as stabilizers) and when twisting. 

So right now, my Saturday run is back on.  Tomorrow I'm planning a gentle outdoor walk, to loosen things up for the first time in three weeks.  No running, just some longer strides and feeling things out.  And if things go well, I'll be doing a gentle 3 mile run on Saturday.

I'm so excited about that I could just about squee...

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