Wednesday, August 31, 2011

The half marathon training plan

We are all registered for our half marathon.  The entrance fees have been paid, hotel reservations made, and training has begun.  Three months to go!

I'm a serious Run-Walk-Runner, and we're following Jeff Galloway's Half Marathon training plan.  It's the same one I used last winter for my first half marathon.  I even put it into a Word document, and added a column on the right for the date of my long runs, so I can update it every time I start training for a new race.  Yes, I'm that big of a geek... Anyhow, it's posted on the fridge, so we can tell at a glance what the long run is each weekend.

This Saturday we'll be doing a 6.5 mile run.  We actually did that last weekend, quite by accident.  Long story, but lets just say there was a little misunderstanding as to what I thought the map said, and what it actually said.  Oh well... This Saturday we'll be doing a familiar route, so it should be fine. And the beauty of run-walk-run is if you end up having to go longer than planned, the walk breaks will save you. Literally. 

By the way, if you are interested in running, but don't think you can, I can heartily recommend checking out Jeff Galloway's website.  The man has coached hundreds of thousands of runners, and I can personally say that I would not be running anything over 3 miles if it weren't for his help.

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