Tuesday, December 6, 2011

How to create another day each week without even trying

Last night on ProBlogger I read an excellent article on how to create another day per week for blogging.

An extra day per week – something we all could use, right?

Unfortunately, at this very moment, the ProBlogger site is down. But here’s what I remember: Basically if you set aside an hour of time each day for productive writing, you’ll gain seven hours a week. (Read the article here when the site comes back up.) A simple, yet extremely effective time management trick.

I’ve decided to apply it to help me keep up with my two blogs. First, I try to come up with ideas early in the morning, while I’m sipping that first cup of coffee. Then I write down a few notes and let them germinate a bit while I do my morning workout.

When I’m done with my workout, I sit down and flesh out my notes. Voila! I have a blog post.

Another great time for me to squeeze in work is late afternoon. That’s a time of day when I don’t normally want to start a big project, but I usually have an hour or so to kill before I think about dinner. That’s a prime time to outline any articles I’m thinking about writing in the next few days.

What’s your favorite time to squeeze in an extra hour of productivity? Do you have any other time management tricks to find “extra” time each day?

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